Jesus Is Coming Soon

Jesus is coming soon

January 21, 2009 at 11:35am

Earthquakes and hurricanes
Floods and pouring rains
These are just the birthing pains...Jesus is coming soon.
People on purpose dying and babies alone crying
Money hungry businesses lying
These are just empty hearts sighing...Jesus is coming soon.

Jesus is coming soon.
He's coming back he promised to.
Worry not! He'll rescue you!
Make sure that you are His
In your heart invite him to live...Jesus is coming soon.

Speak loudly by what you do not so much by what you say
With love and peace and in His strength be the one to point the way.
Jesus, God's son is coming soon.
Hold onto nothing here that will burn one day
Send ahead all that you love to Heaven tucked away
It's not about what's here and now
For in the end every knee will bow.

Written by Carie Rachele