A Break Through

A Break Through

August 3, 2008 at 6:20pm

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Break Through- A mother’s prayerful/thankful heart. 

Lord, thank you for your healing touch. Praise you for the miracle you have blessed us with-
The miracle of a renewed hope and strength in my heart, in my marriage and in our home is a breakthrough in the cloud of a sad time in our family's life. My heart wanted to share a prayer of thankfulness that could be relatable or encouraging to someone else in a trying time.
so my dear God, You are amazing God to bring our hearts to a breaking point only to realize that you are doing something amazing in us. You are creating a strong bond between us and you. We are one in you. We have you here with us giving us Victory. Thank you for hearing my cries. Thank you for helping us navigate through our lives. Keep us in a spirit of repentance, forgiveness and humility able to fight against our enemies and bring our enemies to justice. We are humble before you and receive your kind mercy and forgiveness. Keep us from any further blindness or deafness. We desire your Holy Spirit to lead us. keep us from our enemies subtle deceptions. Bless our lives all of us in our family with your continued hand of blessing with good Godly friendships and those that can come along side of us to bounce things off of and receive wisdom from, to share joy's and sorrows with as well as in all of these things to share you Lord with. Bless my kid's with good Godly friendships that would be honoring to you. Thank you for all of the ones you have brought into their lives. Bless and Praise you God for your awesome amazing ways of loving our family. Thank you for the lessons learned in this very scary and sad situation with our friends who turned out to not be our true friends. Thank you Lord for allowing your truth to be revealed and not another day to go. That was your great and kind mercy that none of us deserve but I am truly grateful for. Thank you for reminding us that you are truly God and that your protection is real and constant. God, you know I will miss what could of, should of been and what I thought I had with my friend but Father you know what's best and so out of deep love for you and her and her family we will obey you and love them from a distance in prayer and good thought. Continue to heal our heart's where there has been abuse and mistreatment and cause us to love our enemies with a cup of cold water. We have chosen to let go and trust you with the outcome, come what may we as a family will keep our eyes on you Lord. Bless our enemies with truth, conviction, getting to the end of themselves to see only you and please cover those precious children. Thank you, bless you and all honor and glory go to your name Jesus. Amen. (aka "so be it") 

(This came from a very tortuous, painful, sorrowful experience with a family who we loved and lost to their choices that were detrimental to our family. We will always and forever hold onto the good memories and forgive the ones that abused our hearts)