I hear the women shouting!

I hear the women shouting from the stage their anger and rage. They’ve been abused, used, isolated pushed to the side while their dreams die. Messages are confusing from the other women who are at the top- models, actresses, in a political spot. The very same women screaming for respect are the ones who are barely dressed. Or blaming the president for taking away their female rights as they fight to deaden the innocent of their female rights. But whose left fighting the good fight? The humble women who are passionate take their power to empower and live with less regrets. To embrace their individuality by being all they can be and raising up their family whether their own or in community. Where evil exists they stand strong against the wrong. Where good dwells they lift up and cheer on ring the bell. It’s not about teaching our young girls to be against men it’s about men and women together standing period the end. To hell with the hate, evil, killing of others to get your way. That’s never worked and it won’t work today. So I pray, speak life, stand up for the generation that’s so lost and confused and say- girl you are alive by the hand of your creator and He is THE Ultimate Woman Liberator. He loves you, he’s for you and if you let him in your heart...He can bring healing where life’s hurt you so sadly that your behaving so badly. Where was God when that bad thing happened? He was right there beside you, crying with you & for you as free will took place and I’m here to remind you. God doesn’t miss a thing! Mercy and judgment he will bring. Your heart has been heard. He will get the last word. Begin again today let yesterday wash away. Be the only you you were created to be. And if you were born a female you’ve got a beautiful story to tell. The most incredible way to share what you’ve got burning to say is with a tone of reaching the soul, to own your choices, be healed made whole. Be confident by being able to look at yourself in the mirror, sleep well at night not in fear or buying into lies. You are more than your reproductive organs, you are more than your looks you are more than what others tell you or in fairytale books. God made you with a purpose, a future with a plan. He is your go to guy for love, peace and hope. He gets you, fights for you...He understands! So wherever you’ve been or whoever has hurt you dust off the entanglement of pain and lies. You’ve got life to live reach your arms up toward the sky and breathe. Breathe in new life, a fresh way of thinking and let go of all this Hollywood, political ideology that’s stinking!

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