Our family’s big event!

Today was a big deal for our family. Our hearts were super touched by the support of family and friends. Not everyone needs to know or understand the whole story but a glimpse of it is:

We legally became our own business with our own EIN! No longer “In Thee Garden a DBA of Southern Oregon Nursery but now embracing our new name “Wishing Well Collaborative LLC”.  Almost 13 years ago when John Deere who was next door to us moved, our whole family bought the property together to have a store for ponds, fish, water plants as well as concrete statuary and fountains. We’ve definitely grown and expanded our selection of gifts and decor. As well as our children are all much taller and contribute so much creativity. We’re grateful to our grandparents who laid the foundation they rooted in 1945. Were very honored to have worked with and learn so much from our parents in the family garden business.  We will continue to love, support and cheer on our family’s Nursery next door to us. It was just time to go on our own and change our business name. Our parents retired and their two sons are each running their own family businesses side by side. With that being said- Today we became “Wishing Well Collaborative”!!! The six of us could hardly sleep. Kind of like Christmas Eve. This morning was the kick-off to new beginnings and restoration and clarity. We are a specialty water Gardening, Gift, Decor, Concrete fountains/statuary and Christmas store. What really matters is that God knows the whole story and he is the behind the scenes mender of all wounds and making dreams come true! Family can be complicated. Family business can be ridiculously tough. Working with your spouse and children all around is amazing and stretching all at the same time. Especially when your figuring it out as you go. I love working with my hubby and kids for sure, however there are days when I lose necessary hair due to unnecessary stress! Please don’t ever think you have permission to tell me how lucky I am because I know that with all my heart. We know we’re in Gods will because it feels too good to be true. Every single day no matter how loud, how crazy, how complicated it gets with opinions, whining, etc... I wouldn’t trade my motley crew for anything EVER! If you do want to offer anything please offer up a prayer of protection, guidance, and blessing over our new adventure. Thank you and God bless you for your support of business locally with our family! Clink clink- CHEERS!


ps. Our daughter Emma drew the wishing well. Ben & Matt helped with layout, colors. Mom picked out font. Andrew put it altogether and printed it out. Dad loves it all. Team work!

Source: Steppinstonesxo