Ever read the comics in the Sunday paper? Whenever I read the Family Circus I can so relate. Sure my kids are all young adults. No longer toddlers or in grade school my children are just about finished with their education. I have one left in high school and two in college with another graduating this June. All that being said my kids are still speaking words that resemble their childhood conversations, ‘I didn’t do it’’ “It wasn’t me’ ‘Not me’. What I adore the best about my offspring is their tender hearts for one another. In spite of Emma being the second mommy and guiding her three brothers with wisdom the boys and her share an unbreakable bond. No one could even try to tear these four a part and if they tried they would soon regret it. My motley crew have built in lawyer logic with mad skills in emotional intelligence beyond their years. Back to the same excuses I’ve heard from four kids at any age or stage their in. God and me are working on me being in the moment. When my heart becomes overwhelmed I cry out to Him for help and His spirit comforts me. Then I’m reminded of all the beautiful things about each of my kids which causes the overwhelmedness to dissipate like rain in the wind. See at the end of the day I might be exhausted and bruised a little as I trip over shoes inside the front door next to the shoe shelf or carry loads of dishes out of the family room aka young persons room and load in the dishwasher but I know I have the kindest kids! My heart is full.