Adventure Awaits

We are entering into a new season as a family business. Lot's of modifications and newness awaits us. One of the biggest transformations is our store name change. We are super excited to announce that our new company name will be "WISHING WELL".  Twelve years ago when my hubby, four children and I  branched out from our family store "Southern Oregon Nursery”, that was established in 1945 by our great grandparents, was what will our store be called? We weren't crazy about being labeled as the "Pond store". Quickly like gulping milk down with chocolate chip cookies my brain came up with "In Thee Garden". We were going to be the Water Garden/Pond store and everything you would add to your yard was what we would be selling. Over the years some people were confused if we were a side by side garden store competing with the nursery even though on our street business sign it stated we were a branch of Southern Oregon Nursery. So all that being said my brain has been screening through a name that would beautifully create  the feeling of who we are and what we do with the essence of mystery. That's where our new name was birthed. Wishing Well is the place where wishes come true like the phrase from one of my favorite movies, "Princess Bride" "As You Wish". We will continue to have all the Water Gardening Goods: Fish, Water Plants, Statuary, Fountains, Rock Features, all necessary Chemicals, Pumps, Filters, Lighting & what's needed to make all that water flow! We will also continue to host a beautiful selection of Home and Garden Decor, Gifts and Christmas Season with our gorgeous Christmas Trees, Specialty Flocking, Wreaths, Garland and all things Christmas! On April 1st the date that holds a special place in my heart. That's the day my husband and I were blindly introduced by our mutual friend. Also this year April 1st is Easter! Which is the best season EVER! Oh there will be adjustments, like remembering our new name when answering the phone, some people will wonder if their experiencing an out of body experience when they show up to our store driveway but the sign is a different name. Just remember one solid truth, We're the same small family store with a big heart just a new name! So let's all be excited for this new adventure that awaits us and rejoice together on Saturday April 7th 9:00-5:30! There will probably be some cupcakes & coffee, cheese & wine involved along with music all great reasons to celebrate with us at WISHING WELL! xo